Plead for America

The media has an agenda. We must not be foolish or naive. A few years ago while on a field trip to an earthquake research center. I was captivated with the earthquake monitor. Every minute, an earthquake, somewhere in the world, was recorded. Some were small and some were rather large. I remarked to my husband how whenever there’s a pretty large earthquake, the media will report earthquakes daily – which promotes fear. While sitting there looking at the earthquake monitor, earthquakes apparently occur many times throughout the day. Why aren’t they always reported? Maybe because at that particular time in our world – it’s not important. So…what is important today?

As church leaders, we must help those we serve learn what it means to pray. Yes, the things we see in media might very well be true stories. However, make no mistake, social division, and spewing hate on social media is a total advantage to the mass media – and we mindlessly fall prey to it. I see many church people feed into this as well as church leaders. God calls us to be a nation that prays together. What good comes out of voicing hate online? What have we accomplished? Nothing changes. Hate cannot change a situation for good – only prayer can.

Church leaders; I urge you to be leaders who pray for our nation. When you see your parishioners online perpetuating hate – call them out! Ask them to join you in prayer. Let me remind you of a story in the Bible where God changed an outcome through prayer; Genesis 18:16-33 Abraham Pleads for Sodom. Church leaders, read these words in God’s Word to see if prayer cannot change a situation. Be leaders who do more than pray about our own lives. Pray for our schools, our communities, our government, our men, our mayors, police, for women. Plead for America – and plead for ourselves to be men and women who put our trust in God.





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