Guns or Roses?

I heard a really good sermon over the weekend. The sermon has really stayed with me. Not all sermons stay in our minds, do they? Well this one did. The sermon was from Psalm 57 1-3. The climax of this sermon was verse 2 “I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me”. The key words are His purpose. God does not simply bless us with gifts to write, sing, or preach, for our sake. God does not bless us with the home we live in or the place we work because we’re so special and deserve it. It’s all about Him.

Last year when I was driving home, I suddenly heard a horn and yelling behind me. The person was frustrated I was driving slow. I soon discovered it was my neighbor whom I met once before, and who seemed so sweet. She noticed me as well and ignored me when we both got out of our cars. Well, I had your typical judgmental thoughts about her. Then the Lord spoke to me. “Who are you to judge this woman? Maybe she’s having a bad day…don’t you have bad days? What about when you yell at your children or husband because you’re in a bad mood?”

While I was out shopping later that day, The Lord pressed upon me to buy her some flowers. I thought “okay, I’ll just leave them on her doorstep with an anonymous note. She didn’t need to know they were from me.” When I arrived home, she just happened to be sitting on her porch. I had NEVER seen her on her porch prior to that day! Well, there was nothing else I could do. I walked up to her and handed her the flowers. To my surprise she was so grateful. She said she had been having  a lot of family issues and the flowers made her feel better.

We all stumble and we all fall – and God loves each of us no less. Instead of the evil thoughts and actions – CHOOSE to demonstrate love. It’s not about us – it’s all about Him. Lead like Jesus would lead today. Allow Him to fulfill His purpose through you.



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