My Week-Long Affair…

I find myself often frustrated by my weight. Now some people might look at me and think I’m crazy. However, I learned long ago; we as individuals have a right to achieve certain goals in our lives. If one of the goals is to maintain a weight we’re most comfortable and happiest – there’s nothing wrong with that. So…in my case I am frustrated with my weight – a lot. The reason being is, I have to constantly jog and eat healthy to maintain it. I can jog and eat healthy for years, but, if I decide to spend a week eating unhealthy I will see a different – instantly. Why is it some people can eat whatever they want and never have issues? It’s unfair I say! I mean after all, don’t I get credit for jogging and eating healthy all the time? Why can’t I spend just one week eating the way I want and not suffer the consequences?

Well, it might be frustrating, but God uses it to remind me of sin. Certainly eating ice-cream for a week isn’t a sin. However, in the same way my body instantly responds to unhealthy food, sin has an instant outcome in our lives as well – a bad outcome. What if I grew up in the church, read my Bible, prayed, save souls and faithfully served God to the best of my ability for 30 or more years? Would it be okay for me to spend a week having an affair? Or would it be okay for me to spend a week lying to my children, or embezzling money from my employer?

No, it would not be okay for a week or even a second. Sin is bad. It does not matter how “good” we are the other days, months or years. Sin is bad and will destroy our lives and the people we love. The good news is, God is faithful. He is near when we call Him. Maybe you just spent a week in sin and know you’ve really messed things up. Call upon God. It’s not too late. He wants to hear from you. The Holy Spirit will give you the courage to get through whatever has happened. But whatever you do, don’t allow another day of sin to go by. Call upon your Father in Heaven right now – and He will see you through.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”.  



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