If Only God Would Answer…

Have hope in the Lord, they say. Have faith, they say. Keep praying until your breakthrough comes, we’re told. That’s sounds pretty encouraging. Especially when it comes from a charming, sophisticated preacher.We leave service full of hope…until the next day. What happened? Why is it the hope we had only lasts a few hours?

In Romans 4:18, Paul gives reference to Abraham who had unwavering faith. Against all hope, Paul says, Abraham had hope and believed and so became the father of many nations. The hope Paul is referring to is Abraham choosing to trust God’s promise of a son, despite his and his wife’s old age. Paul goes on to say, Abraham was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God. When we hear preachers use this text to give us hope for our lives, one key element is usually missing from the sermon. Abraham had a direct encounter with God, thus knowing in detail what God promised him. Genesis 15.

What promises are you waiting on God for? How do you know for certain it’s really a promise from God? I am not suggesting God does not revealed His promise to His children who ask. However,  I am suggesting there are times WE come up with what we believe SHOULD be God’s promise for us, and then demand His answers through prayer. Are you waiting on a new job, more income, a child, a bigger home, oversees missionary ministry? A bigger church, a new dynamic worship pastor? Through your devotion and prayer time, did God reveal those promises to you? Abraham asked the Lord for an heir, and the Lord replied to him that he would have a son for the glory of God. Has the Lord replied to you? I believe we would have less frustration and heartache if we simply trust God for His plans. God isn’t trying to make us figure out a puzzle in our lives. When we pray and ask for His plan – He will reveal it. Then we will have faith to trust and wait on Him.

Your breakthrough isn’t the “so-called” promise. Your breakthrough is a deeper relationship with God, through prayer, worship and devotion – to expand His Kingdom – for His purpose -and give Him the glory.


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