I Will Be Your Dew…

I saw someone post on Facebook that there was no need to vote in this upcoming election because the person who gets elected is controlled by the electoral college. Therefore, it makes no sense to vote. I am most certain this is true to a  degree. However, I am saddened because the person who wrote this calls them-self a Christian.

Hosea 14: 1 “Return, O Israel, to the Lord your God. Your sins have been your downfall!” God had to punish Israel for their sins, but He did it with a heavy heart. God wanted nothing more than for Israel to be restored, but He could not overlook their sins. But…Hosea the prophet, is pleading with Israel to repent, Hosea 14:2-3 “Take words with you and return to the Lord. Say to Him: Forgive all our sins and receive us graciously. That we may offer the fruit of our lips. Assyria cannot save us”.  God judged Israel. Why repent if there is no hope? The entire Christian message would be counterfeit at best.

I am in no way endorsing any political party through this post. However, I will say when we as Christians come to a point where we truly believe our action won’t merit change – then it’s a sad day. Maybe the blindness of our sins keep us from truly pleading with God. We will plead our case to God when we see our sins full blown. Right now, we do not really believe we are a sinful. We believe passively we sin here and there, but it’s not deep enough, or strong enough within our souls for us to cry out to God. David, in Psalm 51, pleaded with God because of his sins. When we see our sins as a nation, in the same way as David, that’s when as a country  we will plead with God for change.

In Stormie Omartian books,  Prayer Warrior, she tells a story of three women who drive to an earthquake fault line in Southern California to pray that there be no major earthquakes. In 1985, it was consistently reported that “The Big One” would soon come. We lived in California during that time, so I always remembered living in fear as a child that a major earthquake would one day destroy Southern California. I was amazed when I read Prayer Warrior, just two years ago, to read that these women pray at the fault line. To this day, “The Big One” has never happened. In Elmer L. Towns book. The Daniel Fast, he shares in the opening pages how he spent years praying and fasting with the Louisiana Governor. They specifically would pray for hurricanes to bypass the state. They prayed together up until the Governor’s retirement in 2004. Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit America, hit in August 2005.

When we have no hope we have no reason to call ourselves Christians. Hosea 14:5 “I will be like the dew to Israel; he will blossom like a lily”.  The dew here refers to growth. The dew helps the flowers and the plants bloom. God is saying come back to me, and I will be your dew.

There are so many worldviews floating around, but as Christians our worldview must be to live a life free of sin. Yes, there will be people who rule over us. And yes there will be systems and situation that try to control us. But we must never back down. We must always believe no matter how deep our sins we can plead with God. We must always believe no matter how powerful the “kings” are, we can repent and plead with God for our nation. Our trust is in Jesus Christ who died to save us all. So we must always pray and believe that God governs all!


Photo Image: Pixabay


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