Where Will This Road Lead?

Amos, was a layman. Not the son of a prophet or priest. He was not wealthy. He was herding sheep and tending his fig trees when God gave him a message to give to Israel. The wealthy people of Israel had become complacent and oppressing the poor, and God was warning them. The rich were selling poor people into slavery but would themselves become slaves once conquered by Assyria.

Why is it we see so many messages today that proclaim God wants us to have riches? Where do these types of messages come from? I certainly have yet to find any Scripture that supports God blessing our drive for materialism. With all due respect, a lot of what we hear is nothing more than motivational speaking, at the expense of Jesus Christ.

In Amos 3:3 it says “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” What Amos is suggesting here is, God wanted Israel to be walking side-by-side with Him. In other words, when two friends go for a long walk, is it safe to assume they are in agreement as to where they will walk and where their destination will be? If these two friends are in agreement, the walk will be enjoyable. They will cheerfully converse. There is joy and happiness. However, if the two are not in agreement about the walk and the destination, one of them might turn around and go the other way. The conversation will be hostile. There’s no enjoyment. This is exactly the picture of our walk with God. When we are walking with God, there is a quiet sense of His divine presence. His companionship fills the voids of loneliness and there is eloquent trust and rest within your soul.

Have you ever been around a sleeping toddler who awakes suddenly and realizes their mother is not near? That is the picture of you when God is no longer near. The road you’re on with God, has now deviated. The path has split. You are walking in one direction and God the other. The further you drift down the split path, the further way from God’s presence you are. Only sin removes the harmonious spirit of God. Is God against wealth? No. But is God against misusing wealth? Yes He is. If God was warning Israel of this, why would He not warn us of the same? Maybe your issue isn’t wealth but of another sin which has separated you from the love of Jesus Christ.

The Christian walk is that of harmony, and beauty. It’s a crisp fall morning on a peaceful path, and you and your friend can walk for miles and never run out of anything to say. However, many of us do not walk that road with God. It is more like two people walking, who are searching for something to say. There’s awkward pauses. It’s hot. You’re thirsty and you cannot wait to get back to what you were doing. That’s not God’s plan for us. He wants us to walk with Him daily – and never wants it to end. That’s what He wanted for Israel, and that’s what He wants for us today.

How would you consider your walk with God?
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