It’s Time To Start Doing

This week my plan is to study a few minor prophets. I have had this major fascination with the minor prophets lately, and I truly believe studying their lives will be greatly encouraging to us all. However, today I have a slight detour. 

Last evening I attended a leadership training at my church as we start a new “year” this week. I have been to many leadership trainings, but this one by far was the best. The major theme of our training was to stop teaching and start doing. Of course we need to continue teaching, but our speaker emphasized how much more of an impact we will have as the body of Christ when we begin to demonstrate what we’re teaching. We all went home with some “tools” to start building God’s Kingdom. One of the tools was the key ring featured in the picture. 

The senior pastor of our church keeps this kind of key ring with him at all times. He uses it to write down prayer request along with a Scripture. He prays over it during his morning prayer, but he also takes it with him everywhere he goes. So for example, if he’s waiting at the doctors office he takes it out and prays over it. If he’s at a stop light, he prays over it. If he has some down time, he prays over it. Isn’t that amazing? And isn’t that a great example for us to follow? Instead of going on social media during downtime, we can talk to God all day by praying for others. Now this isn’t the right way or the only way to pray for people, but it’s a A way to use our tools to grow the Kingdom of God. 

I plan to fill these cards in this week with prayers. I plan to fill them in with people who still do not know Jesus. I’m believing I will have a praise report really soon to share with you as to how God answered my prayers. Will you join me? What tools can you use to grow God’s Kingdom? 

“I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer”. Psalm 17:6 


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