Lord, I’m Done Fighting You

Have you ever felt like you’re in the middle of something great? That’s how I feel right now. I feel like I am constantly in the midst of great studies or great teachings. I heard an amazing sermon last night from Pastor Johnny Hunt, a pastor from Woodstock Georgia.He was a guest speaker at our church. If you love what I am about to write, all credit goes to God, and to His servant, Johnny Hunt for being obedient to His call.

How many fights a day do you have with God? How often do you lament to God about not providing your needs? How often are you angry with God for not using you in a powerful way? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe God isn’t providing for you because you are outside His will? How many of us hear God’s call, but do not move on His command? Elijah was told by God to go to the Kerith Ravine east of Jordan and stay there. God told Elijah the ravens would feed him, 1 Kings 17:1-6. How many of us would pick up and go somewhere knowing a raven, a bird, will feed us? Please keep in mind, a raven is a flesh eating bird. God gave a flesh eating bird meat to deliver to Elijah. Why didn’t the raven eat the meat himself? I mean, we’re talking about a bird after all! What made the raven stick with the plan? The reason was because the raven was commanded by God. The God of this universe!  Can we wrap our minds around this? A bird was used by God in a powerful way because the bird was obedient to God. 

Is God using you in a powerful way? How do you know you’re in God’s will? When God called you to do something, did you do it? Let’s read again 1 Kings 17:4 “You will drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there”. The Lord commanded the raven, and the raven did what it was told. Has God commanded you to do something and you had to pray about it for a month? Yes, we all want to make sure we are in God’s will. But when you spend time with God daily praying and seeking His plan for your life, you know His voice. God probably commanded you to do something months ago, and instead of doing it, you had to pray about it for a while. Then maybe you became side-tracked and stopped praying. Then maybe you forgot all about what God asked you to do. In the meantime, something else has come along and grabbed your attention so now you’re off on a new adventure – but cannot understand why God isn’t providing. Why should God provide in one area of your life, when you’ve ignored His command in another area? Certainly there are situations that require longer prayers with God.But then there are other times, when we need to act right away on His command. And when we don’t – we cannot blame Him!

Oh Dear God, let me not forget how faithful you are. You have great plans for me, but it requires my obedience to you. Lord, if I find myself wondering where you are, bring to my memory when you’ve asked me to do something else that I walked away from. Lord, help me stay in your will. If you can trust a bird Lord, you can trust me too! Forgive me for not following your command. Today Lord, use me too in a powerful way. I will act on your command. In Jesus name Amen.




7 thoughts on “Lord, I’m Done Fighting You

  1. We are the ones that in “many cases” make life more complicated than it should be. It’s so simple….God has ask us for our obedience….we refuse to fully honour Him, but expect that He should fully honour us, then we blame Him when things go wrong.

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  2. I believe we all have been there. It has to be a point in our time when we stop fighting with ourselves and God. We do tend to resist the Lord and His teachings so that we can do things our way.

    But sadly enough we always come running back to God after we messed up.

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