Scattered Thoughts…Scattered Lives

Your boss gives you a list of instructions. He asks you to follow through on the list. One of the items on the list says to send important information to a client, which you do. However, that was number six on your list. You were supposed to remove private company information first. You have now put your employer in a compromising position because you did not read the instructions within its proper guidelines.

In essence, friends, that’s exactly what we do when we do not read God’s Word within its proper context. We put our lives and our world in a compromising position.  Do we understand that God’s Word was written for an eternal purpose? The Bible is a historical account of God, His chosen people, and His divine will for humanity. Nothing happened arbitrarily. Nothing happened without God’s knowledge. He has a purpose for this world and our lives, which the Bible helps us to understand. I see Scripture thrown around all the time. When we read the Bible without the context in which it was written, we can make it say whatever we want. For example; Phlippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength“. This verse is used in almost every way for our personal benefit; to find a job, to find a spouse, to climb a mountain. Yes, God gives us strength in many areas of our lives, but when we use this verse in vain, it does not glorify God. When Paul said these words, he was chained to the ground in prison. He was saying that through Christ he would keep his joy, and through Christ he would continue to spread the gospel. When the book of Philippians is read in its entirety at one time, the proper context of verse 4:13 is realized.

Oh friends, we would have more power in our lives and our world if we choose to take our time and study the Word of God correctly. Challenge yourself today to read God’s Word the way He intended.



7 thoughts on “Scattered Thoughts…Scattered Lives

  1. Philippians 4:13 has been a favorite verse of mine for the past 14 years. We can do “all things through Christ” when it is in His will for us to succeed in that circumstance. We can go through life with joy even when we are in the pit of sorrow. Christ is the one who gives us the strength to live this life in glory and honor unto Him. In truth, I would have a very difficult time living this life without the strength Christ provides on a daily (even hourly) basis.

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