Former Church Members -Stay Out!

When we left the church we once attended for another church, we were told by the pastor we could no longer fellowship with his parishioners. We were even “unfriended” by some on Facebook. It’s hurtful and sad when Christians behave in such a way – but I wonder if we fully understood church history  would our behavior change?

First, allow me to back up and say, we left the church I’m referring to because it was not  aligned with our core values as a family. As Christians we are mistaken if we believe we MUST stay at one church – even if that church is not right for us. Every church is designed differently, and our family was prayerfully seeking something else. We did not leave because of an offense. Regardless of where one chooses to fellowship, the purpose as Christians should be the same – to spread the gospel message.

In the early Christian church, it might be assumed that missionaries such as Paul and the apostles spread the gospel. That is true, however, the growth of the Christian church expanded through martyrdom. Those who literally died for Christ. Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullian once said “The blood of martyrs will be the seed of Christians.” St. Perpetua was the most famous martyr of the third century. She was a young mother of only twenty-two with a nursing baby – and  she died for Christ. Her murder was brutal, yet heroic. There was also unity within the Christian community. They were common folk living for Christ and their common lives expanded the gospel.

I get disturbed today with all the infighting within churches and denominations. We are all here for the same purpose. We do not have to agree on every detail – we just need to agree that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and through Him we have salvation. We don’t all need a mega-church. We can preach to two faithful people who in turn will spread the gospel further than we can imagine. Did the early martyrs die for us to fight one another? No. Or better yet, did Jesus Christ die for us to be in battle with other churches or Christians? We have lost focus – and I pray we get back on track. This blog post is not even a nugget of what the early church went through so that we could be here today worshipping Jesus. Take time to study early church history for your sake, and for the sake of people God will put in your path.

Dear Lord, help us remember the purpose of what you came and died for.Help us to be people who die to ourselves, so that your message can live in our lives. Help us remember to seek you first every day. Help us to remember, serving you is not our career – it’s our calling. Help us reach the lost and help us spread your love to all nations. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”


20 thoughts on “Former Church Members -Stay Out!

  1. I am so glad you wrote this. This has been weighing on my heart for a while now. You made some excellent points in this post. It is heartbreaking but true. So much division and fighting in the body. I know a pastor in Wise County Texas who saw the need to unify the body of Christ and is part of UBOC Unified Body Of Christ you should check out their Facebook page The pastors name is Jeff Honeycutt and I think you would like the vision God has given to him. I am sorry for how people who say they are Christians can treat another the way you have been treated. I pray God heals your wounds that have been inflicted on you. I am so tired of the strife and back biting that goes on. This is what has drawn me to one of my favorite chapters in the Bible 1 Corinthians 13. It speaks clearly of what love is and what love is not. I have not loved others perfectly but I thank God He loves us perfectly.

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    1. Awesome. Thanks for your kind words. Yes I will check out the Facebook page. I thrive on being in the midst of godly people. I don’t think any of us loves perfectly. But there’s such a different with people who try because they are in God’s Word and those who say they are, but are not. Thanks for reading my post. And thanks for your comment.


  2. That is truly sad. I believe we are in for an awakening, and that can only be done by God. We are so far removed from what God expects in many churches, that they no longer notice that the gospel is not being preached. For those churches we must pray. I am praying, usually every Sunday that every church that is opened in Jesus name, that the gospel will be preached. If the prepared sermon is not the gospel, my prayer has been that God will supplant that message with the true gospel. I keep praying. Keep praying my sister.

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    1. We’ve learned to pray that same way. The church we now attend has a prayer service on Sunday evenings in which we attend. We pray for our community, America and for churches to preach the Bible with conviction and without compromise. I will keep praying! Thanks for your comment.

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  3. Thank you for your post. If you have read church history, and I think you have, we should not be surprised that the earthly body of Christ is much like any other institution in this world ~ consisting of those who are truly HIs “flesh and blood” and those who aren’t. The contemporary church is only “temporary” and from what we have seen from history and experienced in this generation we must continue in like manner as our Lord and Savior, loving even those who are deceived and unable to understand His ways. As our Shepherd, he leads his own where He wants us to serve Him. Sometimes we stay where we, and suffer the circumstances until He brings us out. At the age of 77, I could tell you many stories as have been related here, but would rather spend the remainder of my days speaking of His true kingdom, which many have never experienced.
    Thank you for your comment on my post. The Lord bless you in your ministry for Him.

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    1. Thanks! Yes I have studied church history. I find it fascinating! I love it actually. I’m not sure what I am seeing surprises me. I think I’m disturbed that there are lot of people in church leadership who do not take the time and effort needed to truly study every aspect of God’s Word. It weakens the Kingdom of God. Like yourself, I hope to share more of God’s grace and mercy everywhere I go. Blessings to you as well.

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  4. Jesus’ prayer was that we would all be one just as he was one with the Father. I look back at the long splintering of Christianity and it was often brought about by pride and a lust for power.

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  5. I too, have experienced what you have, only by a Christian school that my children attended. The way the people acted—you would have thought that they were heathens. Some Christians don’t like the truth – to be Christ like and not judge others, especially when you don’t know them. I also left my Church because the hierarchy decided that they would do some things that are just not Biblical. I still worship by myself from time to time at a different Church but can’t in good conscience consider myself a member of that denomination anymore. I like the ‘high holy worship’ when it’s quiet and it’s so beautiful….However, I am looking and praying for a new Church home….Thank you for your post. It is very much needed in these times.

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    1. Thank you! And if I can also offer this encouragement, when we left the church mentioned in this post, we worshipped at home for six months until we found the right church. Everyone thought we were wrong. But our family is better for it. We are in a great Bible preaching church. My husband and I both teach Sunday school and our kids have grown so much since we started attending. We positively love this church! So continue to pray and wait for God to lead you. He will.

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  6. I have had friends who have experienced the same thing. When they didn’t agree with the pastor, the pastor told the church to no longer associate with them. One guy was a staff member and broke the pastor’s rule. Guess what?! He was fired. I have been unfriended because I left a church, but I realized that some people were being nosy while I was on staff and saw no need after I left. It’s sad that professing Christians are the best at wounding their own and practically leaving them for dead. Praise God that some healthy churches still exist that know how to love.

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    1. Yes I don’t get this behavior. Actually I do get it. When we don’t pray and allow God’s Word in our lives this is one result. We are capable of anything. But yes, I agree, there are still some great churches led by Godly leaders.


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