The House That God Built

I recently told my husband that our lives were a complete mess years ago – and it was all his fault. He started laughing as if I were joking. I reminded him that our lives changed once he started taking his relationship with Christ seriously. Before he started taking his relationship with Christ serious, he was going to church and serving, and doing “churchy” things – but we suffered greatly for it. We had financial issues, we were losing our home, we had car issues. We had a bad marriage. We didn’t honor or respect one another.  We had no peace in our lives.

Then one day…it all clicked with him. He was trying to support our family on his own, and doing a horrible job at it. He finally gave it to God. He met a man, who became his mentor, who exampled what it means to follow Christ. It’s not say we don’t have some of the same issues we once had – but NOW there is peace. My husband prays to God, and depends on Him. He is now living as an example of Jesus.

What does it mean to share the gospel and to be an example of Jesus? It is one thing to speak about God, but it is clearly another thing to show God in our daily lives. One is theology and the other is the gospel. One is the work of man and the other is God manifested in the flesh. When one man is a living example of the gospel, and that example is shown to another man – it expands God’s Kingdom. Jesus wasn’t simply preaching all day about God – He was the walking example of God.

One day my husband was leaving work, and his co-working walked out with him. They had been working together for over a year. They somehow got on the subject of Christ and my husband told his co-worker that he was a Christian. The co-worker looked shocked. He said to my husband, “Wow, you’re the first Christian I have ever met that acts like a Christian”. My husband led that man to Christ right there in the parking lot. Last week, my husband was at his weekly men’s discipleship meeting. Out the clear blue, the leader of the group told my husband that he admires my husband and his walk with Christ. This was coming from a Godly man who has been serving God for years. He’s a deacon at our church. People are watching – are you preaching or teaching? Is your life a walking example of Jesus Christ? Will people want to know more about Christ based on what they SEE from you?

Dear heavenly Father, thank-you for loving us. Thank-you for teaching us. Lord, help us do more today. Help us be the example that you were. Help us share the gospel through our daily living. Lord, talk is cheap – and we know that. Help us, dear Lord, allow your love to penetrate our hearts, so that we can give it to others. Lord, it is hard. Give us strength. Help us be your Godly example today. In Jesus’ name Amen. 

Isaiah 41:10 “I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand, says the Lord”.



9 thoughts on “The House That God Built

  1. So true…..many of us know the bible scriptures to recite word for word, but very few of us actually live out the scriptures in our daily lives. I often hear people looking for a Revival…..if we were all walking the walk instead of just talking the talk, wonderful things would sure happen. Blessings to you and your husband.

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