When The Bough Breaks…

When a door is slammed shut in your face it’s usually not a good feeling. You turn away feeling hopeless – and sad. But what if God shut the door? Would your stance change? I recall several situations in my life when things didn’t go my way – the door was shut. But an even greater outcome was the result. It didn’t simply happen. The greater outcome came when I asked God to intervene.

Our family moved to another state. We were in a situation where we needed a home – fast. We looked at several gated apartments. Very nice luxury homes. We settled on one. We went through the process of applying. We prayed that evening for God’s His hand to be upon the situation. The next day we were denied! Denied? There was no earthly reason for us to have been denied. Nevertheless, that  same day we went back to another apartment we had looked at. We went through the same process to apply. We were instantly approved.

We look back on both gated communities. The one we were denied was older and not quite as nice. It also wasn’t as maintained.  It was our first choice only because it was close to our former church – which we ended up leaving anyway. The apartment we did get was the same price and had more to offer. It had beautiful landscape! Just sitting outside was breathtaking. It had a walking trail. Tennis court. Swimming pool. A cafe with wi fi. It was overall a better outcome.

We were in the process of getting new cellphones. We went  a year of saving money and decided to only utilize one cellphone to share. It went well with one phone but we needed two. So cellphone shopping it was. We again asked God to have His hand upon the situation. We went back to a major carrier.  We were in the process of getting two used phones. One prepaid and one lease. We signed the application – denied! Again what? We left confused. But instead of getting upset, my husband decided to go next door to Costco to see what kind of specials they had on cellphones. Again, same process. We signed the application – instantly approved. Not only that; we were approved for brand new phones which we had the option to pay toward owning. It wasn’t simply a lease like the other carrier. Plus we received two Costco cash cards. Much better outcome, right?

The last thing I want to do is make this into a feel good message. You now view this as a way to get “things” from God. I hope to convey a bigger picture. If God cares about these minimal issues, why would He not care about the bigger ones? When doors are shut could it be because God has a bigger plan for you – and our world? Great I have a new cellphone. Now what? I’ve given you two stories but I can write pages of stories like this. What do these stories mean?  I have a greater dependence on God for my life and for His purpose in my life. I have a greater understanding that there is more to life than things. God cares! That’s what I take from shut doors. God cares about me. He loves. He loves my family. He loves my community. He loves America. He loves you. I have no idea what door has been shut in your life, but do you trust God? Do we wallow in self-pity and indignant, or do we seek Him?

Dear Lord, you know my heart. You know I know better than to write a feel good message about material things. Lord, you care about every detail in our lives. We pray you help us remember the little things so that we can venture onto bigger and better for your world. Help us keep our head above water when the doors continue to close. Help us stand firm knowing you have a beautiful plan for our lives. Help us pray about everything and worry about nothing. Help us seek the Kingdom of God in all we do. In your precious name Amen. 

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. MATTHEW 6: 33



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