With A Cherry On Top: When We Value Children’s Ministry 

My current pastor shares a story of his early days in ministry. He desired to be a senior pastor. God opened the door for him to be the children’s pastor at a church where he was living. He had recently received  his doctorate. He told God he had no intentions to be a minister in the cotton candy, bouncy house, water slide ministry. He eventually conceded and obeyed God. He touched many young lives. That position eventually led to him being the senior pastor of that church. And the rest, as they say, is history. He is the senior pastor of our mega-church.  And he is a great preacher of the Word.  Under his leadership, the children’s ministry at my church is phenomenal. All ages learn Bible memory. They learn the books of the Bible. The learn the genres. It is wonderful to be apart of.

I was in class a few years ago. My professor, a former pastor, shared a story with us. She was looking to hire a new pastor. She explained to one candidate that every pastor on staff spends their first year in children’s ministry. This particular candidate refused. He did not want to work in children’s ministry. I look out at our wold and I’m sad because I don’t think we connect the dots very often. I can say from my own experience I see a huge difference in my children. My older son was 13 when I became a believer. His younger siblings have always been exposed to the love of Jesus Christ. My older son has never truly accepted the Christian life. While he is overall well-mannered and respectful, he desires the things of this world. The temperament of my younger children are very different than my older son when he was their age. My younger children are not perfect little angles. But there is a difference in the lives of young people when we are intentionally living and sharing Jesus Christ with them. I believe when we invest in the lives of children by sharing Jesus Christ with them we are doing our world at large a favor.

When we complain about the government, maybe our investment in children will raise up godly politicians. When we complain about police brutality, maybe our investment in children will raise up godly men and women in law enforcement. And maybe it will raise up respectful men and women who are obedient to authority. When we invest in our children, maybe it will raise up godly business owners. When we invest in our children, maybe it will raise up more godly pastors who love the Lord who share  Jesus without compromising the Bible. When we invest in children, maybe it will raise up godly men who are leaders in their home; who adore their wives and cherish their children.

I know everyone isn’t called to minister or volunteer in children’s ministry, but my prayer is we stay cognizant of the need to share Jesus Christ with all children. I pray as adults we take our prayer life and put it in overdrive. I pray we study the Bible and share it with young people. I pray we take our children to church – even when we don’t feel like it. I pray we see the value in all children.

Lord in heaven. The maker of all things. It makes no sense, Lord for us to ignore the children in this world. Help us firmly love them and give them a foundation that is centered on you. Help us to be patient with our children. Help us not provoke our children into anger. Help us Lord, love our children the way you love them. Help us see them with your loving eyes. Lord, bless our children. Raise up godly leaders, Lord. And help me Lord hear your voice to minister to children in church if that’s your will for my life. In Jesus  name Amen. 

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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