Trusting God To Lead Me To A New Church

Has it ever been that time for your family to look for a new church? Right away, let me say, there is nothing wrong with looking for a new church if God is directing your steps. Yes, leaving church over an offense or petty reasons, God will not honor. But if He is directing you to a new church – follow His lead. I recall our family felt lambasted when we left one church for our current church. God led us to a church that was perfect for our family. However, we felt like we had committed a monumental sin for leaving our previous church. Nonetheless, we followed what we felt God was leading us to do – and couldn’t be happier.

A while ago, however, while still living in another state, we were searching for a new church home. We prayed and asked God to  guide us. One day, I met a woman at my daughter’s ballet class. Her name was Joy. We spoke briefly. We exchanged numbers but that was about it. Several weeks later Joy texted me late one Thursday evening. She asked if I would like to meet her at her friend’s house for a gathering for her son’s birthday. She went on to say it would be a social-gathering for homeschool students as well. Her wording was great because had she said anything different I would have declined since the gathering was on a Friday morning. I considered it a social gathering for my home educated children. I accepted her invitation.

The next day I was preparing to leave. I texted Joy to verify something about the address to her friend’s house. She gave me a confusing response, which caught me off guard considering this was her friend’s house. Nonetheless, I left for the gathering. When I arrived at her friend’s house, Joy was not yet there. Her friend, Danielle, greeted me and the kids. The setting struck me as odd. Yes children were there.  Women were there too, but it didn’t look like a birthday party. I stood in the middle of the room baffled. I finally asked one of the women if this was a birthday party for Joy’s son. She replied, “No, this is our fellowship breakfast for the women at our church.” Well of course I began to crack up laughing. Although our family was looking for a new church, I would not have gone to this event on a Friday morning.

I did not know anyone there. Regardless, the children and I stayed. I had the most amazing morning with a group of lovely women and their children. I laughed so hard that morning. The women were so much fun. I began to talk with Barbara. She and her husband were the pastors of this church. Barbara invited us to join them that Sunday – which we did. We stayed at that church for over a year – until we moved out-of-state. That church is where I family grew spiritually. We learned about mission work. We studied God’s Word on a deeper level. Our prayer life dramatically changed. My husband met his mentor at that church. We developed bonds that are still in tact today – even though most of us live in different parts of the country now.

Whatever happened to Joy? Well, she didn’t arrive to the gathering until about fifteen minutes before I went home. But during breakfast I asked, Danielle, her “friend” how they knew each other. Danielle replied, “I don’t really know her, I recently met her at the grocery store.” Then Danielle asked me how I knew Joy. I replied, “I don’t really know her either. I met her one time at my daughter’s ballet class.” Did Joy trick me or lie about this gathering? No, we did end up having cake for her son’s birthday. I later learned how much of a loving person Joy is. She refers to all of God’s children as a friend. Although she had only known both me and Danielle briefly, Joy considered us her friends.

Oh, how we simply need to trust God in all matters! God sent this amazing woman, Joy, into my life at a time when our family needed a new church home. Unbeknownst to her, God used her to connect our family to that church. We were in need of small church setting. That church had only about two-hundred members and it was perfect for us. God met our family’s need in a most remarkable way! Are you trusting God to lead you to a new church? Are you patiently waiting? Are you allowing God to do something remarkable? Dear friends, be a walking testimony today. Let God be God. Pray – and wait for Him to move. You are better suited for God’s kingdom when you allow Him to lead you to a church where you will grow – and serve others. He has not forgotten about you. Have faith like a child. Trust Him this day.

1 Timothy 3:15 “God’s household…is the church of the living God, the pillar and the foundation of the truth.”


4 thoughts on “Trusting God To Lead Me To A New Church

  1. Yes! I agree, and agree as well with Matthew! Listening and being Obedient to God is key. He is the One we answer to, He is the One who knows each member of our family intimately. He is the only One who knows our deepest spiritual need, the only One who knows where we can grow and where He needs us to encourage others or to do something for Him…I have told many people… we are planted in soil, not concrete… if He wants to move us, because He needs us to be somewhere else for a season, then we need to be willing, flexible, pliable, movable and bloom wherever He plants matter how many times He may move us. We are His for His purpose.

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