His Purpose For Me

His Purpose For You

I am guilty of falling prey to the “I have a purpose” doctrine. In fact, you might have even read it here on this blog one time or another. Sometimes when we are taught in a certain manner, we begin to repeat what someone else has said because it sounds good. It’s encouraging. It’s motivating!

The truth is – it can also be misleading. Yes, God has a purpose for you – and for me. But it’s not about you or me, but about Him. We are not simply here on earth passing time. God’s story for humanity is not a passive idle story that some of us get to be part of. You have a purpose in God’s story because you would not be on earth otherwise.

You might wonder, “How can I have a purpose in God’s story?” “The way I’ve been treated; why would God allow such horror into my life if He truly loves me and wants me to be part of His plan?” 

I recall nearly 24 years ago sitting in a room with a swollen lip and bruised leg wondering how any human-being could be so cruel – so evil to another human-being. I was wondering how a man could treat a woman so inhumane. I was young, and in an abusive marriage. I had already been mistreated by family, friends and now this. Did anyone in this world love me? What was so horrible about me, I often thought?

The story of Hagar in Genesis 16, is a reminder that mistreatment by others will happen – through no fault of our own. But God did not leave Hagar stranded. He blessed her even though she was treated harshly. The stories in the Bible are not inspirational stories for our benefit. They are historical accounts of God’s power – for His ultimate purpose. He did not leave me stranded. He did not leave you stranded either.

Don’t believe the lie. He has a plan for you. It’s bigger than material possessions or a career path. His plan is far greater than you can imagine. The more you study His Word, pray, and fellowship with Him, the more He will reveal Himself in a powerful way to you.

Do you want God to reveal your purpose? He will reveal Himself every day when you seek His purpose first.

Esther 5:14 “…And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”


3 thoughts on “His Purpose For Me

  1. It is so true of some…they follow an idea, a principle, a doctrine, because someone else introduced them to it.They never take the time to investigate it for themselves, they just follow along. And this can be difficult to shake them of it, even if it can be shown to be wrong. I think of people who “adopt” the family religion…they belong to the (fill in) church because dad and mom went there.

    God does have a plan for each one who follows Him, and it may involve changing what we think or feel is right in His sight. He has shown us by way of His word what He wants from His followers. We just need to find our place among the many spiritual gifts He has bestowed upon all of His children. Very good post…



    1. I have one who is very close to me who just follows along in her church because her mom and dad went there.., off and on. In fact, this church following goes back even further in her family. It does no good to talk to her about the unbiblical practices of her church as she isn’t interested. She goes because she feels if that church was good enough for the family, it’s good enough for her…


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