Confident Woman

In The Image of God

Before becoming a Christian, I listened to mostly secular music. A lot of the music I remember during that time were songs that boasted about being an independent woman. These songs were full of self-promotion, self-righteousness, self-glorification – and thus, belittling of men. Yes, at the same time, many secular male artists had songs that promoted female degrading, but I’m here to share with women, and to help us all understand our value as women.

While, I get the point of these songs – “independent” as a woman, the way in which the message was promoted had little to do in the way in which God views us as women. Our value and self-worth as women is solely based on God. He is our creator. He values women. He honors women. He respects women. And He wants women to honor and respect themselves. He wants women to stand up for themselves, in a godly manner. He wants women to utilize the gifts He gave them. He wants women to love themselves. He wants women to live in a solid relationship with Jesus Christ.

The culture we live in might not value women, the same way as God values women – but we need to see ourselves with the same eyes that God sees us with.

Eve, the first woman, may have fallen, but Mary bore our Savior. Have you ever noticed that God did not use a man to bring forth our Savior – only a woman – Mary. God loves men. But God also loves women. Never forget that.

God loves you.

I was listening to the radio one morning. The radio station had a woman caller who shared about her lifestyle as a prostitite. The radio host asked the woman what happened in her life to make her choose such a lifestyle. The caller said nothing happened in her life, she loved being a prostitite.

No, God has an amazing plan for every woman. He has a plan to use you for His glory. As women, we lie if we say we love being mistreated.

God wants you to look into the mirror and see a confident, assured, loving, funny, creative, beautiful, woman of God. He gets no glory if we choose to live a life that degrades the image He created for us.

God knows your name – He loves you! You are a mighty woman who God can use for His kingdom. It might be hard. You may need guidance. But choose to live as a confident woman in Christ.

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 



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