Godly Friendships

Do You Have True Friends?

One of the weakest areas in my life is with friendships. I have never had what I consider a solid friendship with another woman. I’ve had friends and we’ve enjoyed each other’s company, but the friendship never lasts. Either I move, or they move, or we drift apart.

I finally concluded that I would never have a good friend. And I was okay with that – until something struck me.

In the same way that I pray and strive for a great marriage, I can pray  and strive for good friendships. In the same way I pray to be the best mother I can be, or disciple of Jesus Christ – I can also pray for a good friendship.

We often give up far too easily on friendships with other women. We are always comparing. We assume the worst of each other – and feel sorry for ourselves.

In the same way we have to work hard at living for Jesus Christ, having a great marriage, being a parent or living a healthy lifestyle, we have to work hard at our friendships as well.

Do you pray over your friendships?

As I have gotten older, I have become wise to the fact that Satan would prefer women compete with one another. He would prefer we think bad thoughts about each other. Do you know that a group of godly women can stand up against Satan’s power? As friends, we can pray for each other. We can pray for our husbands. We can pray for a godly husband, if we are single. We can pray for our children. We can pray for our future children. We can pray for our community together and for our world. Godly friendships have power in God’s kingdom.

I now pray for my friendships. When God’s sends wonderful women into my life, I start right away protecting that friendship in prayer. Satan never sleeps. He is waiting for the right time to destroy my friendships – and yours. If I am not wise, I will spend my entire life missing out on wonderful friendships with other women. It no longer matters if I move away or if they move away, godly friendships have lasting power.

Take a stand on your friendships today. Cover them with prayer.

John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. 


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