Why Are You A Christian Writer?

You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Hey, I’m only writing what you’re thinking about yourself.

How do I know that’s what you’re thinking?

Because that’s how I think and feel sometimes. Plus, we can study the Bible and realize many great leaders in the Bible doubted their abilities.

We live in a very complicated and competitive world. We shape our theology on circumstances of the day. For example, the notification buttons on every app is a curse in my opinion. The more emails we get, and the more likes and followers we get, we assume it is the favor of God, and therefore, we check these notifications ALL DAY LONG.

Oh my! Don’t let a day go without one email. Or don’t post something on social media and you get NO comments – or even a “like”. Our silly emotions are tied to these notifications.

When you pray and ask God for His wisdom to write, do you trust that He has heard you?

Do you trust Him even if no one responds?

Exodus 6:30 “Then Moses said to the Lord, “Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharoah listen to me?” 

The Lord had to encourage Moses to speak for Him so the Israelites could be set free. Moses doubted himself. He did not trust his abilities. The truth is no one should trust in his or her own abilities, but God told Moses He would be with him.

When Moses went to Pharaoh the first time to demand the Israelites be set free, did Pharaoh say, “Absolutely! Today the Israelites are free!”


God had to send ten plagues to Egypt, and the last resulting in the death of Pharaoh’s son before he would free the Israelites.

Even though Moses was doing the will of God, and even though God was with Moses, the mission to free the Israelites was not an easy one. Moses was discouraged, but he knew and understood his purpose for God.

Are you discouraged? Take the example of Moses to heart.

Judges 7:7 “The Lord said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands”. 

Hebrew 11:32 names Gideon as one of the many heroes of faith. Gideon trusted God. The defeat of the Midianites came when God demanded Gideon to reduce his army of 32,000 to 300.

Gideon defeated the Midianites with 300 men! Are you getting that?

We live and breathe  followers and large numbers. We only trust God when hundreds or thousands of people are reading our words. We seriously need a reality check when we are more focused on the outer results and not the inner results.

Will one person read your words today and be moved by your words? Will one person today accept Jesus Christ because of your words?

Yesterday I came across a blog of a Christian woman. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know if she is well known or not. I assume she is an aspiring writer from where I found her blog. But she wrote something about peace on earth that I had never heard before. I am in my second year of seminary and this one blog gave me a new perspective on peace on earth. I learned something new from her blog. I can now share what I learned from her writing on my blog with my readers.

It’s all about God’s kingdom. It’s about sharing Jesus. It’s about Him and nothing else. When we doubt our writing, we are looking only at the outer circumstances and we have lost the true purpose of what God intends.

Will you only trust your abilities as a Christian writer for God when the stage is big, when the lights are bright and when you have the praise of man?

When we only search for an audience our writing is hollow.

Luke 1:38 “I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” 

Mary and Joseph  had accepted the reality that they would be the earthly parents of Jesus’s Christ- the Savior of the world. God did not promise them fame for this calling. They did not ask God or bargain with God for anything. They accepted their role for the sake of God’s kingdom at whatever cost it would be. They had no idea if they’d be humiliated, or laughed at. They simply trusted God. Jesus Christ was born in a manger surrounded by animals. No frivolous fame. No magazine covers. No like buttons, or twelve social media pages.

Jesus Christ was humbly born to humble parents to save us from our sins.

Why are you a Christian writer?

Do you believe He is taking the words He gives you to the ends of the earth?

Do you trust God even without the bright lights?

If you truly believe God has called you to write – then write. Study His Word. Study commentary. Pray, fast and seek the Holy Spirit. Trust Him no matter the circumstances. Learn as you write. Grow as you write. Become a disciple.

Share Jesus Christ through your writing.

Don’t look around and question what it looks like on the outside. Make sure your inside is focused on Him – and leave the results to God.





11 thoughts on “Why Are You A Christian Writer?

  1. I publish Christian short stories not for the likes or comments or follows but hoping just maybe somebody is going through an issue and my story helps. 🙂 I loved your content really good

    1. Thanks. Great point. I think we should all write for the purpose of reaching someone else in a way that God speaks to him or her. To write solely for followers will misses the grand purpose of God’s will.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your comment.

  2. Are you personally and directly called by God to write? If so, then you can depend upon his anointing power to bless what he calls you to write. Without his blessing, your writing will be nothing but nonsense to your audience. Take another look at God’s instructions to Moses regarding his instructions to tell Pharaoh to let “his people go”. Moses’ need to repeat the order several times because God would “harden” Pharaoh’s heart and that didn’t have anything to do with Moses’ deliverance of the messages or its wording or format but only with God’s will to display his power to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians by inflicting his “wonders” upon them before he would “allow” Pharaoh to let them go. Moses knew this before he went to Egypt to deliver God’s message. I’m amazed at the stats that my website gets, and I don’t do anything to advertise it or enhance its basic SEO elements.

    1. I am aware of why and how God used Moses. This is a modern day post to help us look at the reason’s we serve God. Everyone’s situation and how God will use them is different. And everyone’s road is different. Nonetheless the road is not an easy one, which is the point I made.
      I’m not sure understand your last point or what is has to do with the post, however, I can say the same thing. I am amazed at how God will use my writing for His kingdom!
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. That’s been the general consensus. At times we lose focus on our purpose and why we write. Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment.

  3. I thought this was excellent. I know some people might even be jealous when leaving a comment on another blog and see 10+ comments and the first thing they think is I can write better than this instead of realizing the message of what was written. I pray and try so hard to remain pure in what I write and why I write. I rewrite for God and if someone happens to read it I am satisfied. It took me years to get that way. Thanks for the reminder of where our priorities should lie

    1. Thanks! We might be writing for God but, yes our paths are all different. We should learn and grow from each other and thank God for the bigger purpose, that God’s kingdom is expanding. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

    1. Very true! I am always reminded of A.W.Tozer who lived a very modest lifestyle, yet we still learn from him today. God is still using him. It’s hard to not get caught in the trap of stats. We need to remind ourselves daily of our true motives.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment.

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