About Saleama 

Saleama A. Ruvalcaba is a wife and mother of five. She’s a home educator and seminary student. Saleama has an earned B.S. in Church Ministries from Evangel University. She’s studying for her Master’s in Intercultural Theology at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is also a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Saleama became a believer in December 2007. Prior to becoming a Christian, Saleama spent much of her life full of anger. Through neglect of her parents, she felt she had no purpose and spent most of her time angry with God also. Although Saleama is a writer today, she barely graduated high-school. She married at 18 and found herself in an abusive situation. However, she would soon have her first child. Married, divorced and a single-mother celebrated Saleama’s 21st birthday. She tried to stay positive and continued to believe there was something more for her. When Saleama was 22, she ascertained she had no life skills. On top of that, working as a receptionist, her co-worker noticed Saleama’s poor grammar and writing skills. Although it embarrassed her – Saleama started to read books – all kinds of books. She read books on writing,  grammar, and punctuation. During this time she met and married her wonderful husband, Omar. Together they became believers and have four more children.

When Saleama became a believer she quit the job she had and went straight into Bible College. Saleama had attempted college three times prior – but finally found her calling. She LOVED Bible College. Since becoming a Christian, Saleama has faithfully served in the church in many capacities. She is a Sunday school teacher in 3rd grade and Wednesday evening teacher in 2nd grade.  Omar and Saleama also manage a homeschool physical education program called Gifted Athletes Homeschool Athletics.

Saleama started Leading Women to Christ to help other Christian women move from a stagnant Christian life to a passionate thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is real. He loves you! Saleama is an author of two books, and has written many leadership articles for Chrsitianty Today, as well as guest post on blogs. 

 Saleama would love to come and speak to your group of Christian women on various Christian topics. 

Saleama speaks on; Women in the Word, Marriage, Parenting, and other topics related to helping women move from a stagnant Christian walk to an empowered Christian walk. 

Be empowered! Contact Saleama at write@salruv7.net