Do You Need A Life Coach?

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Amy Simpson. Amy is a life & leadership coach who helps influencers thrive through change so they can see clearly, lead boldly, and live in truth. She specializes in working with people who find themselves on the edge of something new, whether a new role, organization, approach, project, or career.

I started working with Amy last year, and I found our time together to be highly effective. Through her brilliant coaching, I learned how to focus my blog content, complete a book I was working on, and I learned how to promote myself as a speaker for women.

Amy offers a free sample coaching session to anyone interested in exploring her services. I recommend you try it. You may discover that her coaching skills and supportive style are a good fit and could really benefit you.

Based on what I know about Amy and her history of helping people find and pursue their calling, thrive through change, and turn challenges into resources, I think your time with Amy will be well spent, even if it’s just for the one sample session. Please let me know if you’d like me to introduce you, or feel free to contact her directly at or (630) 462-3741.

I hope you’ll connect with Amy and consider the possibilities.