Speaking Topics:

Saleama’s ministry, For Women on THE Journey, is for all women in various stages of life.

You might be a brand new Christian woman. You might be single or married. Maybe you have small children or older children. Maybe you’re a church leader of women’s ministry and you need direction from God. Saleama offers a practical ministry of writing and speaking to all women.

Saleama uses her personal testimony and practical teaching to help women live as genuine disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Saleama shares how she accepted Jesus Christ as an adult when she found a book in her garage that had been left by the previous owners. That book helped her realize her personal need for Jesus Christ in her life. Like a lot of women, Saleama felt lonely, awkward ,and she did not think highly of herself. When she accepted Jesus Christ she quit the job she had and immediately enrolled into Bible College. She finally began to find purpose – His purpose – as He molds and shapes her daily.
  • Saleama speaks regularly on a healthy balance of physical intimacy in marriage. Saleama and Omar once had a volatile marriage, but that all changed when they realized how much God blesses healthy physical intimacy in the confines of a Biblical marriage.
  • Saleama speaks on the importance of friendships with women. Too often this topic is ignored and friendships are overlooked as not important or worth fighting for. We need each other. It’s time to stop comparing and start loving. It’s time to pray for each other. We need to pray for our husbands (or future husbands) and children together.
  • Saleama also speaks to Christian leadership in the church on the importance of personal connections. Ministries are not effective when we ignore the women we are called to serve. Your ministry might have hundreds of women, but how many of them do you personally know are thriving as disciples of Jesus Christ? Do you even care? Or are numbers the primary focus?

Saleama is available to speak on various topics. Use the contact page to inquire.